Is it Possible to Get a Customised Katana Sword Today?

by Robert

The katana swords have been estimated to be more than 600 years ago. The katana swords are estimated to have been introduced to human society at about 1300 C.E. However, hand-forged katana swords became even more prominent after they became popular among the samurai warriors. The samurai warriors preferred and used the katana swords as one of their two weapons of choice. Every samurai wore a long sword and a short sword as part of their official attire. Guess who got the honor of serving as the long sword? Yes, the katana sword. The katana was so vital that it had to be customized to fit each warrior. Customized katana swords of excellent quality were a rare commodity even back then.

The History and Significance of the Customised Katana Sword

The katana sword could be said to have its origins in Feudal Japan. At the time, art was extremely appreciated. The katana sword when well forged was viewed as an auspicious sign to the wielder or bearer. The katana swords were so important that they are said to have been the motivation for the forging of other long swords. But in truth, the katana was derived from the Tachi. The katana could be said to be the curved form of the Tachi swords.

Feature of the Customised Katana Swords

The typically customized katana sword stretched as long as 60 to about 80 cm in length. This was an appropriate range for a long sword. Its weight was about 1.4 kilograms. The customized katana swords can be viewed as spectacular weapons.

This description is not just from a sword enthusiast. But also form a military point of view. The customized katana sword is viewed as one of the most effective cutting weapons in the history of military warfare.

The customized katana sword is a little bit curved. The single-edged blade of the katana is also really slender with a cold and unfeeling sharp edge. So how exactly can one distinguish the katana sword from other curved long blades? It is quite simple.

1. The name or mei of the katana swords are inscribed on the side of the nakago or tang facing out. Hence, in the case that a katana is drawn from its sheath, the opponent of the katana sword would have a full view of the mei.

2. The shape of the katana` guard or tsuba is usually circular or square.

 Now let us outline the parts of the katana swords. The customized katana swords are made of three major parts which are:

A. The blade

B. The guard and

C. The handle.

Is it Possible to Get a Customised Katana Sword Today?

The answer is yes. Thankfully there are few legacies from trusted swordsmiths that have survived the passage of time. Today there are still swordsmiths that still forge outstanding katana swords. They forge according to your specifications.


If you are looking to get your customized katana sword, go right ahead. No need to worry about getting a quality item or not. We have forged customized katana swords for more than 40 years. You will not be disappointed.

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