13 School supplies every student needs

by Robert

If you are reading this article, chances are, you are a new or returning student. The stress associated with school resumption can be quite overwhelming. We often find ourselves getting sucked into the whole confusion that we start leaving out some essential requirements for school. Despite being an essential requirement for school, school supplies often get left out the most during school shopping.

In this article, we will look at all the essential school supplies every student must have upon resuming school. There are numerous fourniture scolaire (the French translation of school supplies) and so it’s understandable if some are left out.

So to the business of the day…

Important school supplies

Here is a list of school supplies every student should:

· Pack of pen

This is the most important school supply every student must have. Provided you are enrolled in an educational institution you must write. Resuming with pens of different colors is highly recommended as writing with different colors of pens makes your note copying or jotting attractive.

· Pack of pencils

Depending on your discipline, you may need to get yourself a pack of pencils. Also, pencils can be used to make simple notes.

· Pencil sharpener

You’ll need to add this to your list of school essentials because guess what? Pencil tips break and you’ll need to sharpen them if you still wish to use the pencil.

· Pouch

A pouch is used to put all your writing essentials. Having a pouch for your stationery helps you organize yourself for class.

· Eraser

Provided you have purchased a pack of pencils, it is necessary to also get yourself erasers.

· Highlighting pen

Highlighting the pages you consider important while reading comes in handy when doing revision. So we recommend that you get yourself different colors of highlighters.

· Backpack

Getting a backpack for school is really important. It helps you carry your everyday school essentials easily.

· Lunch box and water bottle

For the period you are to stay in school you’ll certainly need to drink water and eat. This is why having a lunch box and water bottle is very important because you can carry a bottle of water and some home-made sandwich to class when you want to read or receive a lecture.

· Sticky notes

Sticky notes can be used to write down activities you do not wish to forget and posted on the fridge. You can also use sticky notes for reference purposes during your reading.

· Notebook

Even without putting this down, it is expected that every student should consider purchasing a pack of notebooks as school resumes.

· Glue

Glues always come in handy when you mistakenly tear your book or a piece of paper. This is why it is necessary to add it to your list of school supplies.

· Calculator

Whether you are taking a math class or not this semester, it is always wise to have a calculator on standby. You never know when you’ll need it.

· Calendar

Yes, you read that right. As a student, you’ll need a calendar to help you meet up deadlines. Calendars also help you to plan and organize your activities.


So are you ready for school? If you are, then get your school supplies as soon as possible.

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