A Guide For Shopping Through English Taobao

by Robert

Taobao is a Chinese online shopping platform owned by Alibaba. It has headquarters in Hangzhou and is referred to as the world’s biggest e-commerce platform. According to Alexa, Taobao is also among the ten most visited websites in the world. Since it is a Chinese platform, it makes sense that most of it is in the Chinese language. However, this does not limit non-Chinese speaking clients from buying products using the platform. English Taobao is set in place for this specific purpose. The platform allows English-speaking users to shop on the platform in English. In this post, we look at shopping on English Taobao.

How can you shop from Taobao in English?

Taobao features numerous English agents who assist English speakers with their shopping endeavors. The professional English agents specifically serve English-speaking shoppers on Taobao by helping them shop and ship products in their language. All you have to do is go to the official Taobao website and check for international services. Taobao offers sourcing, buying, and international shipping services that most English shoppers benefit from.

The process of buying products on Taobao as an English speaker or international client

Buying from Taobao as an English speaker is not any different from any other client from another country. The following steps should come in handy;

1. Search and choose

The first step is to look for the items you want to purchase. Note that Taobao features a wide range of products in hundreds of categories. The platform makes it easy for you to find the products you need by using the search filter tool. This is where you can either search for the product category, specific product, or product brand. After going through the variety of options available on Taobao, the next step is to choose the item or items you want to purchase.

2. Submit

After selecting the items, the next step is to submit them and place an order. Note that in this step, you have to include the number of products you want. Doing this is as easy as a single click.

3. First payment

The first payment you make on Taobao is for the specific products you are purchasing. You make this payment after placing an order so that the sourcing agents can easily find the products for you. After doing this, there is nothing else for you to do but sit and check for updates.

4. Sourcing and packing

Taobao will receive the products from the Chinese suppliers on your behalf. Taobao agents will check the quality to ensure you get what you ordered then repack the items safely for international shipping.

5. Shipping payments

Once your order is ready for shipping, you will receive updates asking you to pay for international shipping. The amount of money you pay here depends on the quantity and place you want the products shipped.


Once you have completed the steps mentioned above, all you have to do is sit back and track your order online. Most of the time, the products are shipped by air. However, on specific occasions, they can be shipped through land or sea channels. Note that the shipping channel affects the amount of time it will take to receive the order.

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