Want to get cheap YouTube views? Here’s how

by Robert

YouTube has and will always be in the hearts of those looking for evergreen, informative, educative, and entertaining content. It is home to over 1.5 billion users globally, so people see it as the best social media platform to boost brand content and create awareness about products and services. It’s the best platform, actually!

So, let’s say you just started your YouTube channel. Congratulations are in order. To grow your channel, you’ll be looking for the best ways to get more views and get more subscribers. Well, since you’re just starting out, it’s not advisable to start investing in ads. The best thing to do is to get cheap YouTube views to build your base.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best ways to get cheap YouTube views that can kick start your journey. Shall we?

How to get cheap YouTube views

1. Buy cheap views

A lot of people have controversial views about this method. One of the popular claims is that it exposes your channel to fraudulent and malicious activities. The truth is, this can only happen if you don’t use the right sources. If you use a disreputable source, you’re going to encounter lots of problems and your views and subscribers won’t have much volume.

If you’re just starting, buying cheap views from credible sources like Famous Follower will give you a strong base and help you start well. It will help you attain one goal- to bring you to the spotlight where potential ‘organic’ subscribers can see you, watch your content, value it, like it, and ultimately, subscribe to your channel without stress.

2. Your thumbnails have to be catchy and attractive

This is one of the best ways to attract organic subscribers if you don’t want to buy views. Your thumbnails have to be catchy and they have to give potential viewers a taste of what your video will offer.

One of the common mistakes that most newbie vloggers make is that they use snippets of their videos to form their thumbnails. This isn’t right. You have to make your thumbnail in such a way that someone will be enthusiastic to click on it. Don’t forget to add keywords.

3. Maximize YouTube features

YouTube is a highly advanced platform, so it has several tools that vloggers can use to enhance their videos. First of all, you have to be very familiar with these features so that you can incorporate them into your videos.

The first tool is the playlist tool. When you create playlists, it can improve the number of views that come to your channel. When your video is incorporated into groups of relevant playlists, it can gain more views from people who are too lazy to search.

The second tool is the keywords. YouTube algorithm makes both simple and complicated changes to their algorithm every year, but generally, they pay attention to short-tail keywords when ranking videos. If you can add these keywords in strategic places like tags, descriptions, and titles, you’re good to go.

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