How Rapid Manufacturing Can Benefit Your Business

by Robert

Rapid manufacturing has been around for many years. It is used in producing small complex parts for various industries. With several companies now embracing new technologies, many of them are turning to additive manufacturing. However, some business owners are not sure how it can benefit their businesses. Rapid Manufacturing from WayKen provides you with the best prototyping solutions at an affordable rate.

Rapid manufacturing can be defined as a process automating manufacturing equipment to speed up the production process. This technology is suitable for low-volume, complex parts. The process can be applied to both additive and subtractive manufacturing processes. However, it is common with additive manufacturing. The following are some of the benefits of rapid manufacturing.

More Affordable

Startups face a lot of obstacles. Their success is begged on their ability to overcome those obstacles. For instance, the cost of machinery and equipment can be too expensive for startups. Fortunately, new technologies have made it possible by reducing the cost of entry. Moreover, rapid manufacturing can help reduce the capital required to improve production. Manufacturers can use it to increase profitability and speed of getting products to the market.

More Flexible

Rapid manufacturing is not only about creating physical products. Rather it is also about taking innovation and design to another level. That is because it offers you the freedom to make products without being concerned about time or cost penalties. Modifying a product through traditional manufacturing techniques results in considerable cost increases and delays as you have to change tooling. Fortunately, additive manufacturing helps solve by allowing engineers to make different designs of a single product.

Availability of Training Programs

Maybe you think that it is costlier to train your employees to design for rapid manufacturing. Fortunately, this will not interrupt your operations as there are different training programs available for manufacturers and designers at different levels. For instance, fundamental training is required for those without experience with this technology. Your employees can know how to utilize rapid manufacturing and even advanced training to handle the production process.

Minimizes Waste Production

Rapid manufacturing produces less waste as compared to conventional manufacturing techniques. For instance, milling machines manufacture products by cutting material from a block that is larger than the product. Removed material may not have any significant application and may not be reused. As a result, it becomes a waste.

Rapid manufacturing works in a different way. Rather than getting rid of the material, it adds the material through different layers. Thus, you use the exact material needed. Thus, this manufacturing technique can help reduce waste by over 90%.

Lower Energy Costs

When you compare rapid manufacturing to conventional manufacturing methods, this technology can help reduce energy costs as it uses less material. Also, it helps eliminate some production phases. Also, it is possible to re-manufacture parts that have reached the end of their lifespan. In this way, technology helps reduce the amount of energy required to make new products.

As the world population keeps increasing, so is the demand for products. Hence rapid manufacturing is likely to become more relevant soon. As more companies adopt this technology, manufacturing is bound to be transformed.

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