Finding wholesalers when importing from China

by Robert

Whether online or offline businesses, finding products is critical. However, the intended profit will be determined by the lowest costs of acquiring the products. Once business people can cut off a better part of the cost of goods from their expenses, the profit increases.

The availability of low-cost labor in China has made it easy to make good profits from goods bought from there. Business people may find imports from China’s  suppliers and wholesalers. We make this process even simpler through this guide, explaining how business people would find wholesalers from China.

Finding wholesalers from China

Attending Business Fairs

The Canton import and export fair is among the most popular business fairs that attract Chinese manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers. These attendees may either have the ability or valuable products that business people may find essential for their businesses. The fair is usually held during the end of May and the beginning of November.

Canton has a world-class attendance with a global popularity sourcing participant globally. It is organized into three phases: the electronics phase, consumer goods, gifts, and home décor phase, and the last phase covering textiles, shoes, garments, and office supplies.

Attending the Canton fair is free. Most of the vendors can speak understandable English. Although, some cannot speak English. In that case, hiring an interpreter would help to make the communication successful.

Global Sources Trade Show

The Global Sources Trade Show attracts global business factory owners twice a year. It attracts unique vendors whom business people can get in touch with before the Trade Fair. The range of suppliers at the Global Sources Trade Show is usually larger than the Canton Fair. Hosted in Hong Kong, the trade show takes place before the Canton Fair.

The most prominent products at the Global Sources Trade Show are electronics. The trade show runs concurrently with an educative conference, whose attendees comprise great entrepreneurs from the global audience. Most importantly, the trade show has minimal language barriers, thus making it easy to attend.

Other places to find wholesalers from China include the Yiwu marketplace, Alibaba.

Challenges to expect when finding wholesalers from China

Language barrier

Chinese natives’ understand written English more than spoken English. The main reason is that they study English in school and speak it less frequently. Therefore, it would be possible to end a business deal with Chinese vendors and see them do the opposite of what was discussed. It is therefore essential to write down vital information or speak slowly for effective communication.

Cultural barrier

The Chinese barely interrupt a conversation and would continuously nod during the conversation and do the exact opposite when the conversation is over. The best way to avoid this challenge is to ask the vendors direct questions and making sure they understand everything through writing, clarifications, and reiterations.

Furthermore, Chinese people do not view contracts as Americans. In America, a written contract is the final agreement between the offeror and offeree of the contract. However, Chinese people do not take contracts seriously and may change terms early as the next day. The main challenge is not disregarding contracts but the cultural difference. Therefore, it is essential to understand cultural differences as a challenge when doing business with Chinese people.

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