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by Robert

The technology sector has made tremendous improvements and almost everything has been automated. Have You been looking for a logistic company that will serve you perfectly, efficiently and with diverse services at one point? This is the best feature of the SFC China warehouse. They are the best china warehouse and logistics company, dealing with services such as warehousing, fulfilments, crowdfunding, game board fulfilments among other services. The following unique services will make you prefer SFC China warehouse services.

Warehousing services

Do you need to store your products in China? You have the best services ever waiting for you in Shenzhen best warehousing, fulfilment and shipping company. This is the SFC China warehouse. Maybe you need to transfer your products from a manufacturer based in China and you don’t know where to store your products securely and with the right professionalism? SFC still is your best choice. They will offer you an advanced shipping notice (ASN). Once you’re ready to ship out your products from your Chinese manufacturer the (ASN) will show the quality type and the specifications of your products. This will make the SFC receiving team be prepared and ready to bring in your product.

Fulfilment services

You are involved in a crowdfunding campaign? To send the rewards to your backers you will need a logistics company. This company will package the products, give you the pieces of advice needed as far as customs, taxes and other formalities required. Then they will disburse these rewards to your backers across the world. SFC china warehouse and China fulfilment company is the most reliable and experienced logistic company.

The fulfilment process is automatic in the SFC China shipment centre. Here your incoming orders from across the world e-commerce will be synced automatically. You will also be able to pre-set auto shipping rules for the sake of budget optimization.

Some of these fulfilments include.

Game board fulfilment- SFC Logistics Company has the best fulfilment experience among other fulfilment providers. The SFC will give your game board manufacturers pieces of advice needed as far as dimensions, folding parts, and shape of the boards. This is important for shipment and it avoids reassembling or any other inconveniences during shipments.

Crowd funding fulfilment- This is the whole process of Inventory management of a product that was funded online. That is from, picking, packing and shipping of the product. SFC fulfilment experts will ensure that this entire process is run efficiently.

E-Commerce shipment services

Today business is done locally, regionally and internationally, Therefore there is need to transport commodities across all these borders. For your business to move faster and efficiently, you will need an outstanding shipment service provider. SFC is the best in China and across the world. It transports products 24hrs every day, linking with high-class international airlines and courier services it will be able to deliver products to you and your customers in due time.

Affordable fees

Storage fees. SFC China shipment centre decreases the storage fees as the shipments increases this encourages customers like you to make more and more shipments at affordable rates

Pick and pack fee which is charged when you pick the inventory and place it in packaging for shipment.

Shipment fee. It depends on the speed and the budget you have. otherwise, the SFC China Shipment centre is the best.

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