Why Your Company Should Use Vacuum Casting

by Robert

Are you looking for durable and effective ways to make any prototype? Do you want to get the best results? Then you should greatly consider vacuum casting. It is one of the best ways to cure materials because it operates at optimum temperature. If you’re unsure of what vacuum casting is, hold on. Vacuum casting is a process whereby vacuums are used to draw liquid material into the mold for elastomers. If air entrapment is a problem with the mold, then you should consider vacuum casting. There are several vacuum casting applications. 

Now, you may be wondering, why must my company use vacuum casting? What are the benefits?

This article is here to clear your doubts and answer your questions. So, sit in tight as you read!

Great vacuum casting benefits

Companies need to look at the pros and cons of any process they want to use for production, to avoid financial and manpower losses.

3D printing is very popular amongst prototyping industries because they feel that it will give them the best results. But have they considered vacuum casting?

Here are some benefits of vacuum casting that is sure to interest you:

1. Production cost is drastically reduced

In any business or production process, the producer aims to make as much profit as possible. Any process that consumes funds is often avoided.

Vacuum casting is very economical. When manufacturing and/or prototyping companies make use of the vacuum casting process, they save more money because the process makes the mold with silicon.

Compared to steel or aluminum, silicon is more cost-effective.

Furthermore, the material allows you to make as many products as the mold can carry. This is great, compared to 3D printing where you’re very restricted.

2. The finished product is detailed

Using silicon for your finished product is one of the best choices you can make. This is because the finished product is done with high precision, and the process pays great attention to details. At the end of the process, the finished product will almost look like the original.

Every detail is accounted for. Even if the original product has a complex geometry, the final one will still be similar.

3. Fast enough to meet deadlines

Vacuum casting is not only economical and detailed, but it’s also fast enough to help you meet the necessary deadlines. If you’re going with 3D printing, it will take you several months before you can come up with 20 prototype parts, but with vacuum casting, you can get as much as 50 prototype parts between seven to ten days.

Isn’t that amazing?

This method is great if you need to make lots of prototype products within a limited time.

4. High product quality

All products made with vacuum casting are of the highest quality. Furthermore, its resin use gives producers the chance to choose the material used for the final product. This gives your products more flexibility and rigidity

It also affects the final product outlook. Your finished product will stand the test of time.

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