WhatsApp for Android and iOS- Which is better?

by Robert

WhatsApp has become truly popular. Since its takeover by the Facebook group of companies, it has soared to even greater heights. However, WhatsApp is truly not the same for each processing system of smartphones around the world. While it effectively does the same thing, the old question about Android and iOS still applies here.

So which is better for WhatsApp? We’ll consider the most glaring qualities for both phones and try to reach a sensible verdict. This might just be able to put the matter to rest.

Are you ready for the journey? If you are, let’s dive in!

Security Systems

The world wants a proof sound system when it comes to security. The need to protect one’s privacy has never been as strong as before. This is one area where the iOS solidly comes out on top.

While both devices come with 2-factor verification as well as the ability to set passwords, the iOS WhatsApp can do something else.

WhatsApp recently rolled out some updates which allows people to unlock their texting system with just their faces. That’s pretty cool if you ask me!

Organization of Notifications

Notifications have become important in recent times. It gives you the opportunity to see the messages without actually having to open your WhatsApp. This also allows you to avoid having a conversation. For iOS phones, notifications on messages appear differently.

It appears in bubbles. When each message is touched, it takes you directly to the application giving you a chance to reply.

With Android devices, you get something different. You can pull down the notifications to actually read the message. It even gets better. It’s possible to have a conversation with someone through your notifications.

You don’t have to ever open the application! That’s definitely a win for the Android device.

Home Page Simplicity

This section considers how easy it is to navigate the homepage of the application. This is where iOS also draws blood. With the iOS, there’s a navigation system that has everything you need from the camera to chats to calls.

However, with Android phones, things become less simple. You will have to navigate through a navigation bar and several sections to often find what you want.

The Good thing about WhatsApp

Before we give you the verdict which you probably are dying to find out about, here’s the good thing about WhatsApp. You can change devices if you are tired of how it works on that particular device. This tool will surely help transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone SE 2020 without much stress.

So regardless of the option you choose, there is always a way out for you!


We simply cannot ignore the simplicity of iOS over Android. However, you might not think so and that’s okay. The most important thing is that you enjoy the application to the fullest.

It can help you keep in touch with your friends in ways that you never were possible. So sit back and relax. You got your WhatsApp all to yourself. There can’t be anything better than that.

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