Expert Tips on Importing Products from China to India

by Robert

If you are an entrepreneur who runs a business of importing products from China to India, there are several things you ought to follow. When you get into this type of business, you need to follow the rules. That is the best way to ensure you become successful. You need to pay attention to different aspects to generate revenues. These are some of the expert tips you should master.

Avoid Assuming

It is unfortunate that most traders assume that products are readily available. You should note that some vendors can sell products displayed on their online stores when actually the products are out of stock. That is the case when the supplier’s website is not updated regularly. You will find that some products may have been discontinued, and they are no longer produced. Therefore, you need to find out the availability of the product before you make an order. Also, you should find out about the availability of the product before you can make an order for the goods. You can even ask the manufacturers whether they have new products not displayed on their websites. Also, you need to find the cost of china to india shipping by air and sea.

Do Not Be Intimidated By Vendors

In any business, you will come across suppliers that are a bit cold. However, most of the suppliers are friendly. The best suppliers will respond to your queries in a friendly and quick manner. Always be ready to discuss with them and ask for samples. If there is something you do not understand, ensure you get clarifications from them. Remember that suppliers are normal people, so you should not be afraid to ask them anything.

Trust Your Gut

Although you can give your suppliers the benefit of the doubt, trust your gut most of the time. Avoid suppliers who keep insisting on selling you products that you do not want. For instance, if they keep sending you spam emails, make sure you blacklist them.

Be Specific and Clear

When communicating with the supplier, you want to be clear and specific as possible. Always be clear from the beginning that you want a given product in a particular color, size, or fabric. Never assume that the supplier will know what you need. Make sure all the details regarding the products are in the message. Failure to be clear from the beginning may result in receiving totally different products than those you needed.

Never Go for Lowest Prices

Most traders are fooled by low quotes. If products you want seem to be too cheaper than what most suppliers are offering, you should think twice. In fact, the huge difference is a red flag, and you ought to be warned about it. Low prices come with a risk of reputation or low quality.

Ask for Samples

The truth is that samples are a great investment for any given entrepreneur. That is the case if you are going to spend a lot of money on products. Although it is expensive to get adequate samples, it is worth it. The good thing about having a sample is that you will know what you will sell.

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