Innovative Product Packaging: Wholesale Box Packaging

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Box Packaging

There are many clever ways to present your products. Innovative product packaging comes into play when you make your product a work of art. From a marketing standpoint, looks matter more when it concerns wholesale box packaging. People are more likely to spend more on best buy packaging than they would on a lame package.

If you need something to inspire you to create your own creative designs, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at 7 of the most innovative product package design ideas (know more).

7 Innovative Product Packaging Ideas

  • Beehives and eggs

This creative design is good for wholesale box packaging of fragile items like eggs. Made using recycled paper, this beehives and eggs design offers matchless protection. It is 100% eco-friendly and sturdy so you will find other ways to use it when you have no eggs left.

  • Cord Packaging

This is a beautiful packaging idea for keeping your cords or cables in place. Jean-Guillaume Blaise designed this brilliant concept. The design won the Young Package 2008 competition which held in the Czech Republic. You now have an innovative way to recycle your cardboard paper instead of throwing it away.

Box Packaging
  • Pizza box packaging

You can make the process of picking up a slice of your delicious pizza less messy and awkward. This creative design is pure genius! Imaging eating pizza without getting grease or burns on your hands. You need to try out this innovative product packaging.

  • Takeaway packaging

A lot of wastebaskets are full of wasteful packaging from fast-food restaurants. It gets worse when a person has to buy more than one type of food. They will go back with a lot of different types of packaging. Why not compartmentalize your fast food packaging?

It will be very nice to be able to carry your food in one hand – even if you buy more than 3 varieties. The packaging creates space for a straw-like object to link up different packages. You can now carry your coffee, dessert, fries, and meal in one handy fast food package.

Box Packaging
  • Pet food package

At some point, you will have to take your pet out of the house and they will have to eat at some point. This cardboard packaging is an innovative way to feed your furry friend on the go. The design is handy, portable, and beautiful. You could make this innovative feeding bowl with cardboard, instead of throwing it away. Although some pets may find a way to eat more than they should, you can control such from happening.

  • Tea bag display

For cloth and tea lovers, this is a great way to package two things you love so much. This ‘Hanger Tea’ is a creative packaging that helps you store your tea bags in a way that would make you smile. It is quite clear to see, through this packaging, how many tea bags you have left. Also, you can use the tea bag hanger to hang the tea bag in your mug or tea cup. 

  • Milk packaging

If you have ever picked the wrong carton when looking for milk, you need this packaging. With this creative design, you do not need a soothsayer to tell you which carton holds the milk. The design is neat and you will be able to use it more than once.

Box Packaging
  • Pringles container

The usual Pringles packaging makes it very awkward and stressful to get the Pringles out. This design remedies that situation. You can now get out your Pringles in a convenient and easy manner instead of the traditional tube. The tube can serve other purposes, while you enjoy your snack in more creative packaging.

Tips for Innovative Product Packaging

The purpose of packaging a product is to sell it as fast as possible. You can make your product appealing to both the elite and masses alike with the way you package it. Since packaging in itself is a form of product branding, you need to get creative about it.

These tips will help you with your innovative wholesale box packaging.

  • Be creative

Concentrate on making both your product and your packaging look cool. Think of ways you can present a simple or regular product in a beautiful package. Do something lovely with your soap. Emphasize the selling point of the product to get it into the eyes of clients. Innovative product packaging wins all the time.

Box Packaging
  • Make use of every available space

When making a package, use every inch of the box that you can. Do not leave the interior or bottom out of your creativeness. Make every space of your best buy packaging count. You can make use of lovely floral patterns to turn a plain box into something more fashionable.

  • Complement your product

Your packaging box design has to complement the product you are placing inside. If you are trying to sell a simple product, the packaging should be simple as well. Simple can be daring and lovely too. Try introducing transparency by using see-through packaging. This best buy packaging should be a perfect complement for your product.

  • Take the process into account

If you believe your product is gift-worthy, package it appropriately. Displaying a gift item in a beautiful paper inside the main packaging will make it look great. People actually like to unwrap gifts so you can package your product as such. 

Box Packaging
  • Go modern

We are in the 21st century so you have to make your design sleek and modern for it to stand out. Get a modern look with simple colors, bright images, and stylish fonts. Clean lines also stand out in modern designs.

  • Tell a story

People love a good story. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by using your packaging to tell a story. This may require some graphical representations and colors. This kind of packaging works best for products that come as a set.

Box Packaging
  • Go Green

Green is the new craze. If you want more people to love your brand, go green in your packaging. Make your packaging the type that can serve another purpose. Do not make your packaging flimsy. Instead, make them useful even when the product it came with is gone.


What sells your product is how correctly and creatively packaged you make it. If the price of innovative product packaging scares you, get wholesale box packagingBuying in bulk may likely get you the best buy packaging. If you have any demand for custom packaging boxes, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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