Analyzing The Types Of 3D Printers

by Robert
3D printer

Would you like to know the types of additive manufacturing printers available on the market? Now, you are definitely in the right place! Every technology has a unique application, price, coupled with a target audience altogether.

That is why it is important for experts to create a list of the best products on the market.

 If you would like to delve straight into a single product, then you can read on to find out which one suits you the best. Here are the top 3 best types of 3D printers you will come across on the market.

FDM Printers

FDM printers are also referred to as Fused Deposition Modeling printers. In the additive manufacturing world, these 3D printers have become a prominent method of designing as well as creating different prototypes straight from the 1980s.

The technique is now becoming one of the most preferred by the people who are in the print technological sector. For that reason, it is crucial to note that these printers make use of a thermoplastic filament that is severely heated to the melting point. Thereafter, it is extruded one layer after the other.

Invented by Mr. Scott Crump, around 1980, the idea of using additive manufacturing to produce items has continued to develop over the years. If you are keen on the development of the industry, then you should be interested in knowing how the additive manufacturing sector is becoming the in-thing for most producers in the market.

3D printer

SLS 3D Printer

In the 1980s, at the prestigious Texas University, a man by the name Dr. Carl Deckard developed the SLS printing idea. This became one of the most admired printing techniques in the world. Today, more than half the printing market utilizes this printing method with the hope of revolutionizing the world. Thirty years later, it is one of the best on the market and is still being refined to cater to masses. It is also advanced in several ways.

SLS 3D printing makes use of high-powered laser infusing powdered material into a recommended shape. The professional-grade technology has been known to be ideal for functional prototyping as well as smaller production runs. For that reason, it provides relatively higher degrees of freedom to the people.  

LED Printers

This is a computer-like printer. It looks exactly like a laser printer. It utilizes an LED array as the significant source of light situated in the printhead rather than using the laser printers. To be more precise, it uses xerography. The bar pulse of the LED can easily flush across the while page and the width while creating a viable image on the drum as it flashes past.

Final Thoughts

There are different unique types of 3D printers. These machines enable a variety of materials as well as processes that are involved in the creation and design of 3-dimensional objects using additive manufacturing. The process is also used to produce numerous products thanks to the printing processes, which tend to have an additive feature well known for this machine.

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