Promotional Calendar Magnet for Business Growth

by Robert
Calendar Magnet

Promotional items (know more) are one of the ways business is able to enjoy a win-win with customers. With a promotional calendar magnet, you can show your clients that you care about them, this is one win.

The second win is that the fridge calendar magnet helps to publicize your business. Each of these wins adds its own quota to business growth. In this post, we will show you how to use a promotional fridge magnet to grow your business.

The potential in promotional calendar magnet

Many business owners do not know how much using promotional items can do for their businesses. This is why there is a huge gap between those who do and those who don’t. While you may manufacture top-quality products and supply amazing services, promotional items are important.

A promotional calendar magnet, for example, shows that you care about the beauty of the home of your customers. It also shows that you are interested in them having better-organized lives. This simple gesture creates a spiral of events that ends up contributing in no small terms to your business growth.

Let’s even consider how many times a person walks past a refrigerator daily. This will help us see a bit of the effect of a fridge calendar magnet on your business. According to certain studies, we walk to and fro our fridge a minimum of 15 times each day. 

Each time we do, we would see the promotional fridge magnet as long as it is placed there. Now try to calculate how many times a month you would have seen that magnet. That is about 450 times in one month which will become 5400 at the end of a year.

Now try to calculate how many impressions you will make if you send out these magnets to only a hundred clients. Yes, 540,000 impressions in one year. How many other forms of advertising can produce that many impressions within the same period?

You should also consider the fact that most fridge magnets can stay in the fridge for several years. Why not take a few moments off to calculate how many impressions the magnets would have made in 5 years? Amazing right, that is the potential embedded in these simple magnets that we trivialize so much.

Calendar Magnet

Why should you use calendar magnets as a promotion medium?

Advertising is one of the best ways to inform, influence, and attract customers. What advertising does is to tickle the human senses that end up determining whether we should buy a product or not. A promotional calendar magnet is one of the best ways to advertise your brand as we have seen above.

The question is how can a fridge calendar magnet make a difference in growing your business? We will take a look at a few ways in the next few paragraphs.


Word of mouth has always been one of the best methods of advertising. This is because people tend to trust what others say about anything. Customer experience is a very important aspect of inbound marketing. 

So many statistics show how much influence a promotional product, especially one used in the kitchen, has on businesses. Wondering how this links to providing referrals for your brand? Let’s show you how.

When you hand out a promotional fridge magnet to a client, it is placed on the person’s fridge. Quite a number of people enter that person’s kitchen each day and they are likely to see the magnet.

Because they are drawn to it, they see your business details and are pushed to inquire about you from their host. Then the host begins to talk about your products or services and how efficient you are. Suddenly, a desire to try you out is created in the mind of the hearer.

Do you now see how the magnet creates an opportunity for referrals? Imagine this occurs in all the hundred homes where these magnets are, how many extra impressions are you calculating?

Flexibility of design of promotional calendar magnets

It is impossible to underestimate how much vision influences sales in marketing. By influencing what your customers see and how they see it, you are able to unlock the doors to their hearts.

Designing a promotional calendar magnet can be done with a lot of freedom. There is no rule to designing a fridge calendar magnet so you can design freely to suit your desires. 

Your design may be classic so that the promotional fridge magnet looks like a business card. You can also decide to be explorative and try out different shapes. The uniqueness may give you an edge if you channel it properly. 

There are so many options these days. It will only take a bit of dedication to finding what design represents your business the most. You must be able to create a balance with your designs. This balance is between what you think your clients like to see and how to show off what you do. 

Calendar Magnet

Advertisement that sticks

Let’s face the fact, when handed a flyer, you can choose to read it or throw it in the bin. When watching television and a commercial pops up, you may decide to switch channels. You can drive past a billboard and choose not to read the contents. 

However, with fridge magnets, it is a different story. Because of their position in a home, it is almost impossible to walk past them without noticing. At some point, you will be forced to read what is inscribed on the magnets.

They are among the most cost-effective means of advertising considering how much they cost and the ROI they produce.

A great way to appreciate customers

Without your customers, your business will run down. With your promotional magnets, you can show them how much you appreciate their patronage. While these are great publicity weapons, they can be perfect as gifts too.


Do you see how much you can achieve from handing out a promotional calendar magnet to your clients? A fridge calendar magnet produces so many impressions in its lifetime it is a wonder they are not so famous. You can design a promotional fridge magnet by yourself or find designers on the internet to help you out. If you have any demand for custom calendar magnet, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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