How Do I Pick The Right Vanity Size?

by Robert

When it comes to a vanity unit, you don’t want to get one that’s too small you can barely use it or too big, it causes a lot of traffic in your bathroom. Vanity units are not a personal item and anyone in your home can use it. Making it important to make the right decision as it could be the most used item in your bathroom.

When choosing a vanity for your bathroom, a lot of things have to be considered carefully. You need the right size, the right color, and of course, the best quality you can possibly get. This is all very important if you need it to last you a long time. When you make the right choice, you don’t have to change it for many years to come.

What Is The Right Size And Style of Vanity For Me?

There is a huge variety of styles and sizes of vanity units out there. You can get one tailored just for you. This means you don’t have to be in a hurry to make your decisions. However you should probably narrow your options by various factors. One of these important factors being the size of your bathroom. You can choice a style that complements your person and your bathroom but you need a size that doesn’t interfere. Not too big and definitely not too small. You also need to consider your needs.

Here is a quick example. If you need a vanity to suit you and your family, you need one with more storage abilities. But if it’s just for you or you and your partner, then a smaller one would do just fine. You can get a double basin option.

This is a very effective way to marrow down your choices. Of course you can narrow it down further.

Narrowing Down Choices For Your Vanity

Here are a few ways to narrow down your choices for your vanity.

Counter top

The countertop is just below the vanity base. This part of a vanity comes in different colors, finishes and can be made with various materials. You need one that is easy to clean. Stand the test of time and so on. That’s why you need countertops which are made of hardwood or granite. If you’re looking for better options, then marble and quartz would do just fine.


The vanity base is where the storage is located. It contains shelves, drawers, cupboards etc. all depending on what you want. If you don’t mind about the storage, then you can get one a lot more decorative without a worry.


Your vanity basics usually go in your vanity or just stay on the counter top. They also come in different styles, offer different finishes and can accommodate various material options. Your basin doesn’t have to be ceramic. It could be copper or stone.

The Right Vanity Size

There are lots of options for your vanity but making the right size is very important. You can choose to add a mirror or get it hung separately. You can add anything else you want such as tower rails. Just make sure you get one that fits perfectly into your bathroom.

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